December in the food garden

Picking climbing beans
Picking zucchinis
Tomatoes flowering and forming fruits
Picking alpine strawberries—lots of ‘em.
Picking peas (didn’t even sow them. Spread a bale of pea straw for mulch and up they came)
Potatoes sprouting
Pepinos flowering (some still with fruits on)
Tamarillos flowering and forming fruits
Passionfruit flowering and forming fruits
Picking silver beet
Drying herbs—sage, herb robert, nettle, anise hyssop
Collecting seeds—dill, carraway, wheat, silver beet, lettuce, fenugreek, radish
Apples, pears, apricots, plums, nectarines all forming fruit. Putting nets and bags over same to keep the PP’s (pesky parrots) off
Capsicums in bud
Thinning carrots
Harvested the last batch of garlic
Corn is growing (but not “as high as an elephant’s eye” yet)
Shallots forming bulbs
Dianellas forming fruits (this is actually a local plant; a member of the lily family with bright blue edible berries)


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