Tomato time


 Tomato ripening time is upon us—enjoyable all the more because we don’t buy the tasteless, skin-like-rhinoceros-hide specimens that pass for off-season tomatoes in this part of the world. The first ones to ripen this year are two of the cherry types—Yellow Pear and Green Grape, seeds courtesy of Diggers.

This is the first time I’ve grown them so was interested in the results. The Yellow Pear are a good size (3-4 cm long on average) and a tad larger than the red pear type I’ve been growing for some years. The flesh is dense, like a Roma tomato and the flavour tomato-ish but not all that intense.

The Green Grape variety are 2-3 cm in diameter and change colour from the usual unripe dull green to a yellowish-green with darker green areas. Flavour is surprisingly sweet. I’ve been slicing both types into halves for salads and will sun-dry any excess. I’ll definitely be growing these two types again.

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