Stocking up

Back in 2000, Britain suffered a transport strike because of rising fuel prices. The details can be found here, but essentially, within a couple of days the country’s food delivery system had almost shut down. Supermarkets emptied rapidly and bread was rationed.

Here’s another more recent article on the same theme.

Could it happen here in Australia? You bet your life it could. We have the same just-in-time delivery system for food and other goods. All of it depends on the transport of goods from afar which in turn depends on petrol supplies. A list member from the peak oil discussion group BOSA (Beyond Oil South Australia) pointed out recently that South Australia has just 10 days supply of fuel in stock. What other states have, especially Victoria, I don’t know (maybe I don’t want to). The time is ripe for a transport strike in this country. Motorists are making a lot of noise about rising fuel prices. Truck drivers are being hurt by increased diesel prices.

It’s time to be seriously stocking up on food supplies. Rice in particular, has rocketed up in price in recent months. Many rice-exporting counties have stopped exports. Rice for sale in Australian supermarkets comes mostly from Thailand. They’re still exporting, but are thinking about cutting exports. Rice is being rationed in some parts of the US. Some people in Australia have reported their local supermarkets out of stock. So far ours still has plenty on the shelves, but I’m not expecting that to continue.

Rice, pasta, all types of grains and seeds. Tinned stuff, powdered milk, flour, anything and everything you use regularly. Don’t forget mundane non-food items like basic medicines, soap, antiseptics and toilet rolls.

Then it’s on to the outdoors and the all-important food garden. Remember, this is not just about surviving through the odd transport strike. This is also about coping with diminishing oil supplies and everything that uses, or is made from oil. Garden hoses and fittings, (I’m currently replacing all my plastic hose fittings with brass ones), good solid garden tools, liquid and pelleted fertilisers, snail baits and herbicides, if you use them. Anything plastic is going to get more expensive as oil prices continue to rise. Water tanks especially. If you’re thinking of installing one, do it now.

Life is going to change. The way we do things is going to change. You don’t have to be a Boy Scout to Be Prepared.


2 Responses to “Stocking up”

  1. Kaye Says:

    Well it’s certainly all heading the way you predicted – Peak Oil and all that it will bring. How far can a person stock up though? Where is it all to be stored? My place is chock full already and no cupboards left for storing buckets of wheat or flour, etc. How long will flour and pasta and grains last? Plastic items and garden requirements seem easy by comparison.


  2. foodnstuff Says:

    Well, if your place is chock full, you’re probably well prepared already. I’d say a year’s supply of most things would be a minimum. This assumes of course, that you’ve also got a good food garden going from which to harvest fresh fruits and vegies. Meat is another thing entirely and I haven’t any answers to that as yet (although I hear that blackbirds in season can be very tasty) 🙂


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