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Beautiful Broccoli

July 3, 2008

It’s been said again and again that organically-grown food is just so much better than its industrial counterpart. Better in flavour, better in nutrient status, better for the planet. Well I don’t have a built-in chemical composition analyser, but I do have a tongue with a scattering of taste buds and I can vouch for the taste.

I just started harvesting the first broccoli heads of the season and oh boy, do they taste great! There’s no comparison with the stuff I’ve been buying lately.

They’re actually sweet! And tender. And the stems, sliced and eaten raw are a delicacy to behold.

There are 7 plants in the photo above and (sob) that’s all there is. At least for the time being. There’s another five coming on, but they’ll be much later because the cold weather means they’ll be growing more slowly.

The first batch was perfectly timed. Sown while the weather was still warm, they got a head start before the weather cooled. Mind you, there were still cabbage white butterflies about and I had to cover the plants with netting until they’d gone for the season, but apart from that the plants really did well.

So I need to look back at my records, see when I sowed the seed for this first lot and sow a lot more at the same time (or preferably, slightly staggered) in future. 

Incidentally, the variety is called Royal Dome and it’s Hortico seed, purchased from Bunnings.