New links

I’ve added Scarecrow’s Garden blog to my list of links at the right. Scarecrow is a lady who lives in the mid-north of South Australia in a climate which could fairly be described as challenging—below zero temperatures in winter and often into the 40’s in summer. Her blog is liberally sprinkled with interesting photos of her daily activities.

I’m indebted to her for links and information on water-wicking beds. At present she’s establishing more and more of them in a variety of shapes and forms. It was from her that I got the idea of the water-wicking boxes, but instead of using polystyrene broccoli boxes as she has, I’ve gone for black plastic recycling crates. I think they’ll have an advantage over the white poly boxes in winter and early spring as they’ll warm up more quickly, but this might be a disadvantage once the heat of summer kicks in. I will have to check the temperature of the soil in my boxes and provide shade where necessary.

I’ve also put a link to Aussies Living Simply, another good self-sufficiency site which has a variety of useful discussion forums and articles on organic gardening. Scarecrow also posts there and is one of the moderators.

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