Spend up!

Went down to Diggers Seeds in Dromana yesterday and had a spend up. Here’s what I got:

Pumpkin Delicata Mini Sweet
Lettuce Red Leprechaun Mini
Red Bok Choy (should be a nice colour variation)
Broccoli Waltham
Pak Choy (the little green one, often sold as Baby Bok Choy)
Ground Cherry Aunt Molly (a relative of the Cape Gooseberry)
Cucumber Double Yield

Juniper (for the edible berries)
Carissa (aka Natal Plum)

Green manure bulk packs:
Lucerne, Clover, Alfalfa and Mustard (bio-fumigant used to control nematodes and fusarium wilt). These are broadcast and then dug in before they flower. The clover will be especially useful as it dies off naturally in late spring allowing the next crop to be planted into the remains.

A pack of bio-dynamic soil activator
I’m not really into this biodynamic stuff, but I thought I’d give it a go. The blurb in the packet says: Use of Biodynamic Soil Activator will create healthy balance in the soil, enhance the breakdown of organic matter, attract beneficial fungi, bacteria and earthworms and make your plants become sensitive to cosmic influences such as the rhythms of the moon.

Cosmic influences? Rhythms of the moon? Hmmm….

Seed potatoes:
Dutch Cream. 
I wanted Desiree and King Edward also but they were out of stock. I left it a bit late to plant potatoes this year. These were already sprouting in the bag.

The best thing of all (saved for last) is a low pressure circular sprinkler which I can use from the water tank. It works well. With the tank valve fully open the sprinkler throws a diameter of nearly 4 metres. By gradually closing the valve I can get the throw down to just under a metre before the pressure becomes too low to spin the spray head. It’s going to be very useful for small areas.

I loved the shopping bag they gave me to put it all in. Diggers are very anti-GE seeds. On the side it said:
Say no to GE seeds. Monsanto should be rounded up and composted.”


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