Not happy, Hortico

Have you noticed how the price of supermarket items is creeping up while the amount of stuff actually in the package is going the other way?

Well don’t look now, but the seed companies are doing it too.

I bought a new packet of Hortico Lebanese zucchini seeds to replace the previous packet which had passed its use-by date. I thought it looked a bit light on and checked the weights on the packet. 4.8 g in the old packet; 2 g in the new. The price hadn’t gone up but I was pretty cheesed off all the same.

It means that whereas a packet might have done me for two or three years growing (assuming the seed would still germinate after that time), it’s getting to the stage where I’ll need to buy a couple of packets just to get a single season’s plants.

Even more reason to become seed self-sufficient.

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