You gotta laugh!

I was browsing in the supermarket today and came across two seemingly identical jars of fruit chutney, but with different prices. Closer inspection revealed one jar was labelled ‘low joule’, with an asterisk after ‘joule’. I followed the asterisk to the back of the label where I found the explanation: “This product contains 65% less joules than the regular brand”.


It was 40c more than the regular brand!!

What will we see next on labels…”99% joule free”?

There was no-one else around. It would have been interesting to ask the average shopper if they knew what a ‘joule’ was.


2 Responses to “You gotta laugh!”

  1. Kaye Says:

    Well I reckon a joule might just be the derived S1 unit of work or energy – in this case energy – with one joule being equivalent to 4.187 calories. Doesn’t everyone know that? Yeah, right! From the Collins English Dictionary where I had to look it up. Heheh.


  2. foodnstuff Says:

    Well I just hope everyone else has a Collins English Dictionary (and they take it to the supermarket with them)!


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