Energy stuff

A knowledge and understanding of the peak oil phenomenon tends to wonderfully concentrate the mind on energy issues. Energy is the currency of life, not money. Energy makes the world go round, not money. (The popular song is wrong).

So much so, that I’m now beginning to see everything in energy terms.

Consider these:


They’re tendrils from two varieties of pea plant. The pea plant uses them to hang onto any support in its vicinity. The one on the left is from a variety I grew from seeds collected from plants that germinated in a bale of pea straw I bought to use as mulch. I don’t have any information about the variety.

The one on the right is from the variety Massey Gem, grown from seed purchased from Eden Seeds.

Note the difference in the size of the tendrils. Also, there are leaves on the Massey Gem tendril shaft, but not on the other variety.

What can I conclude, in energy terms, about these differences ?

The plant on the left is putting a lot of its available energy into making tendrils. So it could be expected that it will have less energy available to make peas. The plant on the right is investing less energy in tendrils, therefore should be making a lot more peas with that saved energy. In addition, the extra leaves mean more photosynthesis, therefore more resources available to make peas.

So I would expect that of the two, Massey Gem should give a higher yield of peas. 

In order to test this I would have to grow a specified number of plants of each variety under the same conditions and measure yields. At the moment I haven’t the time or space to do this, but it’s something to think about, eh?

Think energy.


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