Wicking box summary

Just a short summary of what’s currently growing in the wicking boxes. I’ve got 12 in operation so far and I think that will be it for this growing season, until I can make a lot more compost.

On the house deck—3 boxes:
(1) Peas, doing well; not flowering yet but soaking up the water from the bottom reservoir like crazy.
(2) Beetroot; slow at first, probably because they hadn’t got their roots into the moist soil and I neglected to water them enough in the early stages. Going fine now and the water in the reservoir is dropping, indicating that they’re tapping into it.
(3) San Marzano tomatoes. Really pleased with these. Nearly 50 cm high and already with 2 flower trusses.

Beside the deck—3 boxes:
(1) Bok Choy chinese cabbage. Red Leaf form from Diggers Seeds. Only small and still being watered from above. Probably will run to seed quickly as it’s getting too warm for them.
(2) Celery. Put out as very small seedlings but growing well and taking up water from the reservoir. I think these will be a great success as celery loves water.
(3) Box waiting for capsicums to go in.

Down the back—6 boxes:
(1) & (2) Broccoli, just starting to flower. The plants are small, possiby because I put 5 in each box. Maybe 3 would have been better. They’ve been taking up water rapidly over the last few weeks.
(3) & (4) French Beans. Just planted, so a bit soon to tell how they’ll go.
(5) Peas, planted the same time as the ones in the box on the deck. Slightly smaller but going well also.
(6) Box waiting for cucumbers.

And that’s it. I’ve created a special wicking box page to record my experiences. Just click on the link to the right.


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