Christmas in October

Had a most interesting and productive morning today, visiting the writer of the Gardening at the Junction blog, who lives near me. I found the blog only a few weeks ago, while Googling for propagating information on Goji berries.

Doug is a tomato freak and I mean that in the nicest possible way. I’ve never seen such large, healthy, robust plants, most already sporting flower trusses and beautifully planted; each with its own supporting ring, each carefully labelled with easy-to-read laminated labels and each with its own below-ground slotted drainage pipe for watering. (It occurred to me that I plant my tomato plants much too close together).

Apart from the ever-popular Grosse Lisse, I’d never heard of any of the varieties, which Doug grew from seed sourced mostly in the US.

I think he said he’d grown about 300 tomato plants this year and sold most of them at a couple of markets. I actually went to buy seedlings of Goji berry, which Doug has also grown, but luckily for me, came away with 13 lovely tomato plants and 10 small Goji seedlings. Christmas came early.

So…. to this year’s tomato collection I will add:
Window Box Roma
Black Cherry
Greek Witness
Pearly Pink Cherry
Cherokee Purple
Monomakh’s Hat
Rio Fuego Nana
Tigerella (the only one I was already growing)

I’ve placed a link to Doug’s blog Gardening at the Junction at the right of this page. I suggest a visit.

If he posts photos of all these delicious fruits, I think you’ll almost be able to smell them.

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