Oh dear….oh damn!

It seems that She Who Prides Herself On Never Making a Mistake has gone and made one (sob!).

What I’ve done is to mix up two varieties of tomato. The San Marzano that was planted into the water wicking box on the deck has morphed into a Grosse Lisse. I became suspicious when the first fruits appeared round and not egg-shaped.

Actually, I became suspicious a while before that, because the plants that were supposed to be Grosse Lisse, planted down in the main veggie garden, were so lush, so compact, so unlike-any-Grosse Lisse-I’ve-ever-grown. Now they’re producing oval fruits and that sort of clinches it. So the mates of the Grosse Lisse in the wicking box (planted down the back) and originally thought to be San Marzano, aren’t. And what I thought were San Marzano’s are Grosse Lisse.

Still confused? I’m not surprised.

If you haven’t clicked away by now, here’s what happened.

I had seedlings of San Marzano and Grosse Lisse. Because SM’s are determinate tomatoes (short-growing, don’t need a stake) I thought I’d try a couple in a wicking box up on the house deck.  The remainder of that batch were planted down the back in the main garden, labelled San Marzano. I never intended to put Grosse Lisse in a wicking box, because they’re indeterminates (tall-growing, need staking) and I didn’t think the wicking box would have enough room for the root system. I intended to plant all those down the back.

So anyway, I’ve now got two Grosse Lisse in the wicking box and true to form they’re sprawling all over the place and I’m trying desperately to find places to put stakes.

Obviously, care is needed during the process of removing labels and planting.

All the tomatoes are looking great and producing fruits and that’s the main thing.

Oh, and I’ve planted three Roma tomatoes in another wicking box. They’re similar to San Marzano so I hope I’ll get a good idea of how the smaller, more compact varieties will go in the wicking boxes.

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