Garlic harvest

I’ve picked all this year’s garlic after a couple of hot days ‘cured’ the plants. I would have preferred them to go a bit longer but keeping the water up to them was becoming too hard as the days warmed. I’m quite happy with the harvest—some of the bulbs are at least as big as I’d buy in the greengrocer.

I hang the plants under the house until the roots have dried then cut them off, brush any loose dirt from the bulbs and hang them again until the leaves are dry. Here’s what they looked like. There are 4 bunches like this, over 60 bulbs in all:


When the leaves are thoroughly dry I’ll cut them off and hang the bulbs in a mesh bag in the laundry cupboard. (One day I’ll get around to learning how to plait them). I’ll save the biggest bulbs for next year’s planting, which I always do at the autumn equinox.

The garlic always wants to sprout in the autumn and usually isn’t usable after it does, so this year I’m going to try sun-drying some cloves to try and extend the shelf life a bit into the winter. It would be nice to have garlic all year round.


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