Wet clear gold

Well, that’s how my friend Kaye described it. It was in fact, rain….all 75 mm (3 inches) of it, which we enjoyed over this past weekend.

All my bins, baths, boxes, buckets and the 3 tanks are overflowing. I’ve even stopped (temporarily) saving water from the kitchen, because there’s nowhere to store it!

The soil is wet to the depth of the Hamilton Treeplanter and so I’ve rushed some native tubestock into the ground in the ‘bush-being-restored’ section. Also put out some seedlings into the food forest: licorice mint, some more caraway, lavender and a few leeks for seed collection.

Our three pools at the rear of the property (two of which were empty) are now brimming. They normally fill from the tank overflow and since the tank was full before the rain, the pools got the lot. Today, the Marsh Frogs were bokking away (that’s the noise they make—like two stones being struck together, or so my frog book says) and there’s already lots of little masses of frog spawn in amongst the reeds. Amazing how a bit of water can change a whole landscape in a twinkling.

This rain will really put some size into the developing apples and pears. I’m in the process of ‘putting on their socks’ after getting another 300 this week from Green Harvest. I wrote about these nylon elastic socks which Green Harvest sell as apple pouches, here. They’re going really well on the apricots too, not a single parrot beakmark on any of them. It sure beats trying to get a net over the entire tree. Of course I won’t ‘sock’ every fruit—too tedious by far—the parrots can have the ones right at the top.


The apples with their socks on 


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