80,000….all dead

I’ve been following the exploits of Linda, Trev & Caleb since reading Linda’s book  Living the Good Life, a couple of years ago and was particularly interested when Linda started beekeeping, because one day I’d like to have some bees myself .

Linda has just written about the death of all her bees. Pesticide poisoning was the likely culprit.

How I hate this ‘kill-everything’ culture of ours. How devastated, how angry she must have been.

When will people learn that everything on this planet is connected and that we are dependent on it all?

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  1. T L C Says:

    OTOH, if Linda is ‘keeping” 80,000 bees she’s running another indrustrial monoculture system and a population crash is to be expected eventually. Done in a manner more in keeping w/ a permaculture philosophy beekeeping would resemble a “Bed & Breakfast” more than endless rows of dormertories.


  2. foodnstuff Says:

    Hi T L C thanks for the comment,

    Since I’ve never studied beekeeping, I can’t say whether 80,000 bees represents endless rows of dormitories or just one single box of frames.

    I presume the ‘Bed & Breakfast’ scenario means simply providing lots of flowers (hence nectar & pollen) and a hollow tree or two for a home, and letting the bees do their own thing.

    The bees provide the pollination services, we get the results (fruits & seeds) and they get the honey they make for themselves.

    And then we come along and take the honey, too.

    Always another way of looking at things, isn’t there?


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