Supermarket tomatoes never looked like this

Here are some of the current season’s tomato crop. What a riot of colour! None of these attractive-looking morsels are ever seen in the shops, which is such a pity.


At bottom left, Yellow Pear Cherry, above them a couple of Pearly Pink Cherry, then Green Grape top left and Black Cherry right at the bottom. A couple of nice-sized Black Russian at bottom right, some small Roma above them and in the middle a single Tigerella. Below that, San Marzano.

I usually halve the cherry tomatoes and toss them in a salad and sun-dry the excess. The Black Russian have a beautiful rich flavour and are fast becoming a favourite. San Marzano generally have less juice and freeze well for winter’s cooking.

Two other varieties I’m growing and not pictured here are Green Zebra, which is said to have a superb flavour and Red Pear Cherry.

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