Thumbing my nose at TPTB

Further to my previous post about water use.

If water rationing comes into force, I assume we’ll get an allocation of the stuff and be allowed to use it as we please.

Since I’m allowed to use approximately 3600 litres per week on the garden at the moment, I don’t see why I can’t put it into one of the small tanks (4500 litres) and use the water more effectively from there. I certainly wouldn’t use that much from the tank each week with the fine spray I’m using, even running it all day. I’d use less water overall and I’d use it more effectively.

I don’t have a lot of time for TPTB. I don’t need to tell you what I did, except that I suddenly have a lot more water in one of my tanks.

Anyway, it rained today and we got 10 mm. First time in over two months. So there.

Slightly later edit:

I decided I’d Google Target 155 (the name given to the water-saving campaign) and see what was being said.  So here’s the link.  Humpf. I don’t think much of their methods.  They admit daily water use figures are only an estimate. So they look at overall consumption. Subtract a figure for non-domestic use (a real ballpark figure that is). Divide by Melbourne’s population (does that include tiny new-born babes?…..such a lot of water they use). Divide by 7 days. Somebody knows how many days in a week! That’s about the only accurate calculation in there!

No, I’d like some accurate through-the-meter readings, please.


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