Back to reality

Full page article in today’s Sunday Age ‘How will Victoria’s Economy Fare?’ about the recession and how it will hit Victorians in general and four Victorians (cited) in particular.

I learned that a recession is ‘technically speaking, two quarters of negative growth’ and that a recovery ‘will not come until the rate of employment remains stable for at least nine months’.

In the context of Planet Earth, which may be considered wholly as a single functioning ecosystem and on which evolution has been occurring for 4 billion years or more and which may continue for at least that long again, this is nonsensical. Totally unreal concepts invented by an organism with the brain power to invent unreal concepts while continuing to ignore the reality of life on this planet.

So what is 4 million years of steady, but slow, growth, followed by 10,000 years of increasing growth, followed by 200 years of explosive, exponential growth, called?

Suggested answer: overshoot and collapse.

The Sunday Age apparently surveyed five respected economists for their opinions on The Recession.

Pity they didn’t survey five respected climate scientists for their opinions on climate change; or five respected petroleum geologists for their opinions on oil (read energy) decline; or five respected ecologists for their opinions on biodiversity loss.

I could write an angry letter but they wouldn’t print it. Can’t be allowed to scare the horses.

Oh, well. Back to self-sufficiency and reality.

One Response to “Back to reality”

  1. Gavin Says:

    Great post. Yes, we mustn’t scare the horses, or Joe public for that matter.

    It is all going to end in tears for those not living in the real world!



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