Great water-saving device

All through last summer I had a large plastic bowl in the sink to catch rinse water before it disappeared down the plughole. From there it went to a bucket in the laundry and from there to the fishpond outside the back door, from which I have a hose gravity-feeding the vegetable garden down the slope.  (Note to the curious: there’s no fish in the pond)

All that transferring of water became a bit tedious at times so I was enthused when a friend recently alerted me to this product. The oddest of names, it’s called a Hughie Sink. Briefly, it’s a plastic insert which fits inside and completely fills the average sink. Complete with drain hole and handles it makes the job of recycling water to the garden easy.

Here’s the manufacturer’s website. Be sure to watch the video.

They’re on sale at Bunnings but when I called in today, they’d sold out.

2 Responses to “Great water-saving device”

  1. Tricia Says:

    These are such a great idea! So simple.


  2. foodnstuff Says:

    Agreed! And I finally got one today! It’s sitting in the sink half-full of water.


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