Silver Beet on steroids

No need to tell you how well silver beet does in a wicking box. Just look at this:


The leaves are as big as dinner plates.  One leaf is a meal, chopped and lightly steamed with a knob of butter. Delicious!

I was going to put three plants in this box; just as well I didn’t, they’d have been pushing one another over.

2 Responses to “Silver Beet on steroids”

  1. Scarecrow Says:

    Looking Good!
    It is easy to overfill these wicking boxes…I have to remember it is still only a container and to allow for all the extra growth!
    Well Done!


  2. foodnstuff Says:

    Thanks, Scarecrow. I owe you a huge debt for introducing me to the wicking box concept. Looking forward to next summer when I hope to add another dozen boxes to my collection (13 already!)


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