Going back to school

This weekend I realise a long-held dream: I’ll be starting a permaculture design course with Forest Edge Permaculture.

Most courses I’ve seen advertised are full-on, two-week, live-in courses and I’ve never been able to spare that much time all at once. The beauty of this course is that it’s run one day a week, for 13 weeks. By the look of the testimonials from former students, I’m in for something really good!

It’s my belief that permaculture will really come into its own in the near future as fossil-fuel based agriculture goes into terminal decline. Ultimately I’d like to get involved in doing permaculture designs for people and maybe even to teach someday. Meanwhile I’ll try and update here on a weekly basis to share what I’m learning.


2 Responses to “Going back to school”

  1. simply.belinda Says:

    Hi Foodnstuff,

    I am actually about 4 weeks from presenting my PDC project as part of similar type of program organised by the Emerald Community house.

    I have to say my class members and I are loving it. The spacing of one class a week means you have time to sit down and do some heavy research on last weeks topics to really flesh them out before you are hit with new topics and material the next week.

    Good Luck, I am sure you will enjoy the experience.

    Kind Regards


  2. foodnstuff Says:

    Hi Belinda, thanks for the good wishes. I’m sure the PDC is going to be the experience of a lifetime.



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