Green & black

Not my favourite colours (well, green is), but the colours of three of my favourite tomato varieties. Here are some of them, from this years crop:

The small greens are Green Grape, which has been really prolific this year, with just over a kilo picked already and plenty more to come. The large greens are Green Zebra, with 700 g picked and the blacks (not black of course, but a rich reddish-brown), are Black Russian.  So far, only half a kilo of those but there’s plenty more on the plant.

The greens have a sweet flavour (sort of green-tomatoish) and I’m using the Green Grapes quartered in salads and drying the excess. The Green Zebras are nice fried in butter, as are the Black Russian—a beautiful rich flavour. I’ve decided that these three will be on my ‘must-grow’ tomato variety list for next season.

I’ve started sun-drying some things; cherry tomatoes, of course, and some plums from a neighbour:

It’s been a good year for zucchini (when isn’t it!) but this year I’ve grown Romanesco for the first time and have picked close to 10 kilos so far. The plants were slightly shell-shocked by a recent day when the temperature hit 44 C, and stopped producing (thankfully) for a while, but they’re back on track and new flowers are coming. I’ve fried them, pickled them, eaten them fresh, handed them out to neighbours and will be growing this variety again next season for sure. They’re quite attractive with light-coloured ridges against a background of speckled dark green:

Butter Beans have done well again, in wicking boxes, and I picked 2 kilos from the first batch (3 wicking boxes). The second batch (3 boxes again) are just coming into flower. For a while there, every evening meal had beans in it—warm, tossed in flavoured oil; cold, with salad (is this the origin of the expression ‘bean feast’?). I could never get tired of home-grown beans. The limp, flavourless  shop-bought variety just can’t compete.

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