More on asparagus from seed

I wrote here some time ago about growing asparagus from seed. My asparagus plants have flowered and the female plants are now sporting a crop of red berries. Here’s what the berries look like (some have been squished to show the shiny black seeds within):

All I do to sow these is to push a single berry into the top of a tall pot of potting mix (5 cm square x 15 cm deep—often called a native tube in Australia), and keep them moist. On average, the seeds in the berry have taken 20-30 days to germinate when sown in March. If more than one seed germinates, I’ll allow the tiny spears to grow to about 15 cm high and then snip off all but the strongest seedling in each pot. It’s also possible to separate the seeds from the flesh and sow these en masse, pricking out the seedlings into individual pots when they’re a few cm high, but by sowing the whole berry, the tedious pricking-out stage is eliminated.

Plants are usually ready for planting out in the following spring.

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