More Zone 1 planting space

I’ve made another addition to the planting area for Zone 1 which is now close to the house. I’ve bought a couple of Colourbond steel planter boxes and installed them against a north facing wall close to the steps down from the deck.

They’re 1 metre long x 60 cm wide x 45 cm high (just out of rabbit browsing range, I hope) and easy to put together from a DIY kit.  I’m filling them with as much green material as I can get—soft prunings, weeds and mulched bracken. As it rots down, I’ll add a couple of binfuls of  humanure from the composting toilet, some worms from the worm farm and top it all off with fresh compost. I’m planning another water tank just around the corner, so will be able to set up a dripper system for each bin. They should be ready to plant by next autumn and will be used for cut-and-come-again vegetables and frequently used herbs.

2 Responses to “More Zone 1 planting space”

  1. The F. Relic Says:

    They look great…how much and where? You’re always innovating and that’s good.


    • foodnstuff Says:

      $139 at the local garden centre, but click on the ‘planter boxes’ link and you’ll go to the website of the company that makes them.


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