Grey water line working well

The grey water dispersal system I put in last January is working well. I know we’ve had lots of rain this year and that must have contributed to much of the growth that’s occurred, but it’s still good to know that all of the wastewater that leaves the house is being put to use growing more food and not being wasted by being piped to a useless septic tank like most of my neighbours have.

There’s a difference in the growth along various parts of the system and I wonder if that’s due to the volume of water and how far down the line it actually reaches as it soaks into the ground through the slotted pipe.

Here’s the beginning of the line. The growth here is lush—mainly native mint (Mentha diemenica):

Past the mint there’s a line of 3 Feijoas and 3 Redcurrants and in between those  some Yacon tubers (with the large leaves) and 3 Reisentraube cherry tomatoes. They’re doing particularly well and are covered in flowers:

The final section contains another 3 Feijoas and 3 Redcurrants, with 3 Red Pear cherry tomatoes in between. The growth in this last section hasn’t been as good:

I always save up washing clothes till I’ve got a full load in the machine, so if there’s less water getting this far down the  line, maybe the solution is longer showers!


This week’s harvest:

  • Dutch Cream potatoes 3206 gm
  • Yellow Zucchini  335 gm
  • Butter Beans  480 gm
  • Blue Lake Beans  159 gm
  • Lebanese Zucchini  328 gm
  • Desiree potatoes  362 gm

Plus lettuce, silver beet, sorrel, wild rocket, kale, and a variety of herbs. The lemon tree finally has lemons and there are still plenty of Valencia oranges.

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