Chooks Ho!!….update #1

It’s going to take me some time to get the chook house and yard up and running, so I thought I’d do a series of update posts. This is #1.

Here’s where the yard and chook house will be going:

Bit of a mess at the moment!

The structure at the right, with the green shadecloth is the polyhouse where I grow all my seedlings and cuttings. It’s about 180cm square and it will form one wall of the chook yard. In front of that is a fibreglass fishpond which I’ve been using to grow azolla (not fish). I scooped the azolla off (you can see some of it in the box in the foreground and on the round bin in the rear) and siphoned out most of the water, but not before discovering that the pond had been full of tadpoles. Getting them out and safely ensconced into the natural wetland pools at the rear of the property was a gumboot and bucket job.

Next job will be shovelling out a few bucketfuls of crud (rotted leaves, etc) from the bottom. That will go into the compost heap. And then another spot has to be found for the pool and it’s layer of azolla. I’m told chooks like it, so already I have one of their food items on tap!

I’m planning a polypipe arch structure for the chookyard—star pickets with polypipe arches over the top and the whole lot enclosed with wire. After initially deciding to put the chookhouse outside the yard, with the entrance door leading into the yard, I’m now going to put it inside the yard, the main reason being that the wire on the chookhouse is a bit flimsy and I read at one backyard poultry forum that a pet dog actually ate through this type of wire. If a dog can do it, so can a fox. So the chookhouse will be totally enclosed in heavier wire.

You can see the type of polypipe arch structure I have in mind at Scarecrow’s Garden blog.


5 Responses to “Chooks Ho!!….update #1”

  1. The F. Relic Says:

    Hope they don’t annoy you first thing in the morning or if you’re in bed before them when daylight savings returns. At least I am assuming you won’t have a rooster? Haha.


    • foodnstuff Says:

      No, no rooster, at least not yet. Maybe one day, when I want birds for meat and want to breed them.

      At the moment I’ll be happy with a few eggs per week and LOTS of poo!


  2. dancingwithfrogs Says:

    I made my chook yard out of really heavy wire. It was exxy, but I figured that the peace of mind was worth it.


  3. Jason Dingley Says:

    Getting a garden started is daunting task, have you considered a permablitz? I got a large chunk of my garden established in a day. see:

    I am very interested in your pond and wet land experiences. I have built a pond in my garden but don’t know what vegetation to put in it or around it. I want to attract frogs.


    • foodnstuff Says:

      Hi Jason,

      Thanks, will check out your website.

      Regarding the frogpond, it depends on how big and how deep it is and whether it’s a natural pond, with a soil base or one with a liner.

      If it’s only small, I would recommend plants in pots, standing in the water, as they can quickly take over a small area, especially if the base is soil where they will spread easily.

      Reeds and rushes (with vertical, tufting foliage) always look good around water and there are some herbaceous plants that have pretty flowers too and will grow in water or at the edges.

      There are so many species you could use; have you tried Googling?

      Nick Romanowski is an Australian author who’s written several books on wetlands & water plants.


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