Chooks Ho!!….update #2

In update #1 I had a bit of a mess to clean up in the spot where the chookyard was to go.

I finished that job and set about buying what I needed to build the yard.

I came up against a problem straight away. I couldn’t buy the 50mm (2″) diameter polypipe I wanted to fit over the star pickets to make the arched roof over the yard. I went to four local plumbing suppliers and drew blank at them all. The only 50mm pipe they had was high pressure water pipe—too thick to bend over the distance I wanted; only in 100m coils and too expensive to boot; and the internal diameter too small to fit over the star pickets.

Back to square one (I’d already bought the star pickets, by the way).

Last summer I’d bought 25mm (1″)  polypipe and thin stakes to make polypipe arches to net the fruit trees. It worked very well. The 25mm polypipe was available in Bunnings, already cut to 3m lengths and not expensive, so I fished it out from under the house and set it up on the thin stakes to see what it looked like:

Not bad, but the stakes obviously weren’t robust enough for this job and besides they weren’t going to last—they’re plastic-coated steel and (as I found out) the plastic eventually degrades in the sun and the steel starts to rust. And I had bought the star pickets and wanted to use them.

Luckily, in Googling for polypipe arch structures, I’d found a guy who’d used electrical conduit as the arch material and had bolted it to star pickets.

So….a packet of nuts & bolts later….

(It actually took less time to drill the holes and put in the bolts, than it took on the computer to work out how to merge these two separate pictures into one).

So now I have some of the star pickets in place and the first of the arches bolted into position:

Looking good. I think (hope) it’s going to be OK.


2 Responses to “Chooks Ho!!….update #2”

  1. Jason Dingley Says:

    This is why I read blogs… I love seeing injernuity. You where faced with a problem and you solved it. Top work!

    What is your reasoning behind having a roof over the chooks? Do you have predators in your area? If it is to stop them flying out I did a bit of research on this and discovered the average bird can only fly to a hight of about 1.5 meters. If you make the fence say 1.8 they got no hope. I have even kept chickens inclosed with only a 1 meter fence and only an occassional escape. I guess it depends how happy they are.

    After the construction of the latest chook area I was often finding them at the back door looking at me through the glass. I couldn’t believe they were flying over. Eventually we caught them in the act. Not flying over but tunnelling under. A handful of tent pegs solved that.


    • foodnstuff Says:

      Hi Jason,

      Thanks for the nice comments!

      The reason for having wire right over the top is that we have foxes here, even during the day. We’re in an area of remnant bushland and the property is a hectare in size, with about 70% being bush and the rest garden.

      There are also plenty of native birds and possums who would probably be happy to share the chooks food with them.

      I need to have them well protected and good strong wire all over is the best way.


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