Winter food

The weather’s cooling down now, but the garden’s not exactly in limbo.

Spot the persimmon. The leaves are putting on their autumn show and there’s just one fruit hiding in there. Last year the tree set three fruits for its first effort, but they all dropped off before maturity. This one looks as though it will make the grade:

Tamarillos are ripening, too. These ones are a bit late. I’ve already picked 2 kilos from the earlier-ripening trees:

Oca foliage. Oca is a South American plant with pink, wrinkly underground tubers. I’m hoping there’ll be a good lot of tubers under all that:

Another South American tuberous plant—yacon. Should be some nice tubers under there, too:

This Japanese Seedless mandarin is going to have a nice crop. Last year the possums showed a bit of interest.  I’m ready and waiting with the net at the first sign of damage:

This new little Meyer Lemon has a nice crop, too. Lemon butter coming up:

Wicking box with garlic and lettuce. First time I’ve tried garlic in a wicking box:

Celery, also in a wicking box. Celery just loves all that moist soil:

Broccoli coming on. No problems with Cabbage White butterflies now:

Silver beet going well in the new planter box:

And finally, Corn Salad, also called Mache by the French. It’s a delicate winter green, with a beautiful buttery flavour:

5 Responses to “Winter food”

  1. Jason Dingley Says:

    Your garden is doing well and it is nice to see varieties of plants I have never hear of before (persimmon, oca, yacon). I would like to hear more about them when you harvest and eat them. I like the white butterflies cage. I have so many of the little buggers flying around mine at the moment. But they look so lovely fluttering around.


  2. foodnstuff Says:

    Hi Jason,

    I’d be happy to send you some tubers of oca & yacon when I harvest them. Will catch up with you then.

    It must be a bit warmer where you are to still have the white butterflies around. It’s too cold for them here now.


  3. Jason Dingley Says:

    I would love to receive some tubers. Thanks. I am in Adelaide suburbia, it’s getting colder but not frosty yet.


  4. dixiebelle Says:

    We had success with our yacon, but the oca didn’t take off, they just weren’t in the best spot I think… your garden and produce all look wonderful!


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