Chooks Ho!!….update #3

I’ve now put all the star pickets in place and bolted the poly pipes to them. It’s starting to look interesting:

I had a feeling I would probably need to brace the arches with some cross pieces, but thought that if I could get the wire in place it would do the job itself—sort of a compromise between the wire bracing the arches and the arches holding up the wire.

However it wasn’t as easy as I thought (I’m doing this all on my own, although I could ask a neighbour for help, but want to see how much I can achieve without it).

Trying to drag a length of rigid wire to a place it didn’t really want to go proved my nemesis. The polypipe arches kept moving  sideways and the wire kept falling through the gap and onto my head. So I realised I would have to put in some cross pieces to brace the aches.

I should mention here that the wire comes in a roll and I wanted to run it up and over the arches so that the natural curve of the unrolled wire follows the curve of the arches. Each arch is therefore spaced to the width of the roll of wire (90cm).

That drawing board is becoming a familar place!

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