Chooks Ho!!….update #4

Well, I braced the polypipe arches with some cross pieces and have started to put the wire over the top. It was unbelievably easy with the arches braced!:

Those 4 square paving stones are where the chicken coop will sit within the yard. I’ve had to build them up at the low end to make them level.

I’m using plastic cable ties to attach the wire to the star pickets and the arches. The plastic is supposed to be UV stabilised, but if they begin to break down I can replace them with wire ties. They were so quick and easy to put on.

I’m putting the wire along the sides as individual panels. I tried running one length of it along a side, but because of the slope it had to be dug in too far at the high end and since I had bits and pieces of short lengths left over from other jobs it was good to be able to use them up. In retrospect, seeing how easy it was to run the wire up and over the arches, I think I could have gone the whole way with one length of wire per arch—from the ground, up and over the arch and back to the ground on the other side. Maybe next time (if there is one!)

Next job will be to finish varnishing the coop and start putting it together.

2 Responses to “Chooks Ho!!….update #4”

  1. Jason Dingley Says:

    Great to see it coming along. Looks like it is going to be a nice strong sturdy design. Good idea to put the coop in before you finish the wire;) That’s the kind of mistake I would make. Interestingly we have been working on similar projects. I built a chook dome out of PVC pipe on the weekend.


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