A peak oil crisis announcement

Now….. I think I might have said somewhere that I don’t want to turn this blog onto a ‘peak oil’ blog, but some things are too important to ignore.

Hence this link to a post on the subject.

The first paragraph:

With little fanfare, a press release appeared last week on the website of the UK Industry Taskforce on Peak Oil and Energy Security (ITPOES). The release said that during a meeting between Chris Huhne, the UK’s Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, and representatives of ITPOES, an agreement had been reached that Her Majesty’s Department for Energy and Climate will collaborate with ITPOES on a joint examination of concerns that global oil supply will begin to fall behind demand within as little as five years. This collaboration is seen by the British government as the first step in the development of a national peak oil contingency plan.

So, Britain will be developing a national peak oil contingency plan; what about Oz?

No, we don’t have one. Our government doesn’t want us to know about peak oil.

Oh yes, there have been a few ABC documentaries about the subject (an excellent one a few weeks ago on Catalyst), and a few articles in the paper (this from the Melbourne Age, but originally from the Washington Post), but if you don’t watch or read these things, how would you know what’s going on? The government knows alright, but they’re keeping it under wraps.

You might have a knowledgeable and concerned neighbour who tries to raise your awareness and even goes to the extremes of encouraging you to grow some of your own food to prepare for the coming food crisis. You might, unfortunately, be unable, or unwilling, to see that there’s a crisis in the wings and might shoot said neighbour down in a hail of personal insults (yes, it happened to me!).


The major step forward, however, is the official and semi-public recognition by a major government that global oil supplies will fall behind demand in as little as five years. After years of official denial this is indeed a breakthrough worthy of note.

It sure is.

For now we can only thank Her Majesty’s government for taking some sort of a lead and hope that others will follow soon.

Like maybe, the bunch of idiots we have at the helm here in Oz.

Don’t hold your breath, though.

But do…please…get on with your efforts to become self-sufficient in food, water and energy. For your own good and the good of us all.

(Climbs down off soapbox).


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