Forest gardens

It’s funny how things come together.

Yesterday’s post about the future of farming, included a link to a BBC documentary featuring an English woman farmer who realises that fossil fuel based farming has no future and that she must seek alternatives.

At one point in the story, she visits the forest garden of Martin Crawford in the UK and is taken on a tour of the garden.

So today, I do my usual visit to the website of the Permaculture Research Institute and what do I find? A video about Martin Crawford and the garden.



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  1. Chris Says:

    I could relate when he said his forest garden was 16 years old, and in that time he had noticed climate change and had fewer frosts develop in them.

    Ours isn’t that old, but we’ve noticed the same change in climate and fewer frosts every year. Where we have open ground, that attracts the frost, but the thickets of tangled scrub keeps it out. We notice a more even temperature around the thickets too. Not too hot or too cold, any time of year.

    Ours is such a young and very underdeveloped garden though. It’s video footage like the one you linked to, which gives our family hope that what we’re doing is actually going to be sustainable. At the moment, there’s a lot of labour input to grow and then get the plants into the ground.


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