Chooks Ho!!….update #6

In update #5, I’d put the chook coop together and it was sitting in my living room. And it was still raining. Not all the time, only when I put my head out the door thinking I might at last get something done. I disassembled the pieces and put them back on the deck, cursing Melbourne’s weather. Where’s global warming when you want it?

In the end it did stop raining for long enough that I was able to get the pieces  down to ground level. It was going to be placed with  its rear wall against the adjoining polyhouse, but I needed to assemble it in a spot where I could walk around it to screw the pieces together. Then it would have to be lifted back against the polyhouse.

I had already put the 4 paving stones down and levelled for its final resting place. I put 2 more next to those (level with them and further away) and assembled it there, where I had access all around it. Now it had to be moved back into place.

There’s a nice young (well, younger than me), male neighbour opposite who I knew would be glad to give me a lift with it.

But I looked at it and thought about it for a bit.

I’d been using a long length of metal pipe as a straightedge to get everything level. It was longer than the chookhouse and big enough to use as a roller. I put some pieces of timber across the pavers at right angles, put the roller on these and under the back edge of the chookhouse and pushed gently. Beautiful!! It rolled into place without any effort and I removed the roller and timber cross pieces. Amazing!! It sat there proudly in it’s final spot. I checked with the spirit level and it couldn’t have been better.

I gave myself an elephant sticker. It was the only part of the exercise I thought I would need help with and I had managed it without.


3 Responses to “Chooks Ho!!….update #6”

  1. Jason Dingley Says:

    Now that’s really flash. Did you make the coop?


    • foodnstuff Says:

      No Jason, it’s one of those cheap Chinese fir-wood ones you can buy on eBay. The wood is very soft, so I don’t know how long it’s going to last.


      • Jason Dingley Says:

        You are not meant to say that. It’s like making a cake from a packet, if you stirred it you made it. Regardless it look great. I made mine and I am not sure how long that is going to last either.


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