Chooks Ho!!….update #7

The chook house was in place, but it needed some fine tuning.

It came equipped with four 25mm (1″) dowel perches—two were for the night  roosting spot and two in the outer area. They were stupid little things and the two in the outside area were particularly useless. They had a screw in each end and were supposed to be attached by suspending the screws on the wire on opposite sides. Not very strong or stable at all.

Of the two in the roost area, one was placed centrally, but the other was so close to the side wall any medium-sized chicken sitting on it would have had no room at all between the perch and the wall to be comfortable.

So I threw out all four perches and made some of my own, using 42mm x 19mm radiata pine. I rounded all the upper sides to make them more comfortable for chooky feet.

This is the roosting area, with the two new perches in place. The external nest box isn’t in place yet—it attaches into that rectangular hole:

Room for three hefty chooks in there!

At the other end I put a vertical piece from top to bottom on the end wall, and a horizontal perch across the middle, then a short cross piece between the two. Plenty of perching room and a good solid job:

I figure they can sleep in the inside roost in winter and might prefer the outside roosts on hot summer nights. I know what I’d do!


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