I should go into the tamarillo business!

I harvested the last of my tamarillos, weighed them and totted up the totals. A tad under 5 kilos from 5 plants.

You don’t see tamarillos much in the shops. I doubt whether anyone grows them commercially. I’ve seen them selling cheaply at Sunday markets and it’s obvious they come from home garden trees.

So I was surprised to see them on sale in my local Coles stoopidmarket recently. $1.78 each. Ouch!

I weighed an average-sized one of mine, about the same size as those in Coles. 50 gm. So I must have harvested about 100. Worth $178 at Coles prices! That’s nearly $36 per kilo. More expensive than steak!

Cut off the stem end, slice down the middle and scoop out the pulp with a spoon (the skin isn’t eaten). Top with whipped cream for a real feast!


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