You meet the nicest people blogging

Had a great afternoon yesterday visiting the garden of Frogdancer, from Dancing With Frogs blog. We met online through our mutual food-growing blogs and it turns out she’s only a 50 min drive from me.

Through the Sustainable Gardening Australia website, Frogdancer has formed a group of  people in her local area interested in growing food.

She asked if the group could visit my garden and they’ll be coming in September.

Yesterday’s group meeting was at Frogdancer’s garden and I asked if I could join them.

So I met her for the first time, plus two dogs, two cats and six beautiful chooks, all of whom I’d read about online  (I think there were a couple of teenage sons hovering in the background as well).

I also got to see the new wicking beds and mulcher she’d recently bought and hear about future plans for more food growing. We swapped seeds and I even scored a newly laid egg!

An enjoyable afternoon. It’s heartening to meet and share knowledge with others trying to be more self-sufficient. Thanks Froggie!


5 Responses to “You meet the nicest people blogging”

  1. Frogdancer Says:

    I was so glad you could make it and we could put faces to names. Hope you enjoyed the egg. It’s a taste of things to come …


  2. shanegenziuk Says:

    Sorry I missed you on Sunday. Was supposed to be there but somehow spent the whole time in my own garden. Great website and have subscribed!


  3. Jason Dingley Says:

    “Heartening” I know exactly what you mean. Every meeting with the garden group I initiated is always so pleasurable. It took no time at all for us to develop strong relationships. I guess its the common values and goals. Debbie one of the members recons it is due to the trust you get when you work with someone in the soil. We have another meeting coming up soon and I am looking forward to it. Enjoy your new found friends.


    • foodnstuff Says:

      Thanks, Jason. I have friends and relationships with other interest groups, but producing your own food is the one that I feel is so much more important than any of the others.

      I think it’s the result of a growing awareness that the industrial food system (dependent on oil energy), has to change as oil depletes, and also that the food it produces is nowhere near as healthy as that produced from a system that sees the health of the soil as paramount.


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