I’m really chuffed…..

…..with my new food dehydrator.

I’ve dried all the home-grown apples I had stored, individually wrapped, at the bottom of the bathroom cupboard. Most were well past the ripe and crunchy state and a few were little soft balls of mould (the worms got those—lucky they were individually wrapped!).

I’m not normally an apple person. If I do buy them, they tend to sit in the fruit bowl till they’re past their use-by date and then they go to the worms. I certainly couldn’t eat 3 apples all at once, but with a bowl of dried apple slices beside me at the computer, I can do just that. Taking the moisture out of food means the nutrients are concentrated and you can eat more of it.

I’ve also dried kiwifruit, onions, garlic, red capsicum (one that went mushy in the fridge, but half was OK), lemon & orange peel and sliced ginger (for my morning cup of ginger and honey tea).

I can’t wait for the summer stone-fruit and tomato season to begin!

3 Responses to “I’m really chuffed…..”

  1. The F. Relic Says:

    Your dried food looks good enough to eat!! And I think you’ve sold me on an Excalibur as well, maybe just the five tray one I think.
    Your photo makes my mouth water!


  2. veggiegobbler Says:

    Wow. Those jars of dried fruit look great.


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