No chickens yet

I don’t look like getting any chooks for at least another month yet.

I want to visit this breeder who puts on a ‘meet the breeds & chicken care information session’ each Sunday afternoon and a friend wants to go with me. We’re having problems finding a mutually-free Sunday afternoon, but it looks like the end of September might be a go-er.

I don’t want hybrid Isa Browns. I know they’re considered to be the best layers, but I’m more interested in getting loads of chook poo for the vegetable garden than loads of eggs. I don’t normally eat many and I’ll probably give most of them away anyway.

In keeping with the ethics of maintaining indigenous vegetation and growing heirloom veggies, I want to have heirloom chickens as well. I’m looking at Barnevelders or possibly White Sussex, but I do like the beautiful lacy look of Wyandottes, so it will be good to talk to someone who knows the ins & outs of the various breeds, before I make a decision.


White Sussex

Silver-laced Wyandotte

In the meantime, I’ve cleared away an area of bush behind the chicken run and fenced it off. After struggling with a roll of wire, I decided to use these zinc-coated steel panels which Bunnings sells in sets of 4 as ‘yards’ to store leaves and compost. I had bought several sets for another job and they weren’t being used any more. They were so easy to erect and extras can be added easily. The new yard’s a tad bigger than the run where their coop is. I’ll put a small access door in the end of the main run so they can get into the new area and will let them forage in there when I’m home, but lock them back in the secure run when I’m out, and at night.

2 Responses to “No chickens yet”

  1. Frogdancer Says:

    I might get some of those wire cages and take them apart to use as trellises for the wicking beds. hmm…


    • foodnstuff Says:

      You don’t need to take them apart. They come as 4 separate panels with corkscrew things to connect them together. You can make yards of all sizes by just buying more sets.

      They’re only 75 cm x 90 cm, so not high enough for trellises if they’re standing on the ground beside the box, but OK if you can support them on top of the box, e.g by attaching them to stakes in the ground (or actually in the box perhaps).


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