I know I said no chickens yet, but……..

…..I was Googling around and found Country Chooks. It looked good and is much closer than the Bayswater breeder I’d intended to visit. And she has all the breeds I was considering. So I picked up the phone and called.  Co-owner Julie sounded nice and was very helpful. Did she have Barnevelders? Yes, she had 9 week-old pullets. She’d prefer I got them at 11 weeks, so I have a couple of weeks to wait and then she’ll call and I’ll arrange to go and pick up my three new babies.

I’m as nervous as a kitten! I hope they like their new home. I’ve been putting as much deep litter in their yard as I can lay my hands on. Mulched bracken and sugar cane mulch. I’ve got a million weeds to pull up for them, plus kale, silver beet, parsley, sorrel, comfrey and nasturtiums. The worms are going to have to share their kitchen scraps from now on (and themselves…..I plan to empty a tray from the worm farm in there occasionally; worms and all).

Julie tells me they probably won’t lay till they’re 20 weeks. As long as they do plenty of pooping, I don’t care!


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  1. Frogdancer Says:

    Barnevelders are nice looking chooks.


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