Seed suppliers

I’ve been making a list of seed suppliers in Australia and thought I’d put the links here for everyone’s use. There are probably plenty more than I’ve listed here, so I’ll update as I find extras. If any reader has any to add to the list, please send me a note via the comments box and I’ll add those too.

Eden Seeds

Green Harvest

Goodman Seeds

New Gippsland Seeds

The Lost Seed

The Italian Gardener


Rangeview Seeds

Origin Seeds

Evergreen Seeds

Greenpatch Seeds

4 Seasons Seeds

Phoenix Seeds  This supplier has no website, but you can email him at phnxseed at ozemail dot com dot au (substitute the you-know-whats) and he’ll send you a catalogue. His address is PO Box 207 Snug Tasmania 7054, if you want to write for one. He has some unusual trees and shrubs.

Cornucopia Seeds

Southern Harvest


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