Today was C-Day

Did you guess it? Chook Day. Today I picked up my three new Barnevelder girls.

I was really impressed with the setup at Country Chooks where I got them.  Co-owner Julie was so helpful and informative. I would really recommend them to anyone wanting chooks.

There were hundreds of tiny little chicks at various stages of growth in the breeding area. I would have loved to take a photo, but the flash would have scared them. Julie says she only has to sneeze and there’s a stampede of tiny fluffy bodies to the rear of the cage.

My three are 12 weeks old and were in a large shed with a couple of dozen others. A ten minute chase, scattering sawdust everywhere and a breathless Julie finally caught the ones she wanted and put them in my possum cage.

The 45 minute drive home with the cage in the back was a nervous one. I cursed at every red light and bump in the road. I chip-chipped and took-tooked all the way, hoping it would settle them down. There was no-one to settle me down.

When I put the cage in the run and opened the door, they just sat there and stared. I propped the door open and watched from a distance. Finally they ventured out, wide-eyed. Where the hell are we?

Is that really parsley?

I planted it in the run weeks ago. It was really looking good. It’s not any more.

What’s this stuff?

It’s comfrey, planted outside the run. The leaves they could reach through the wire have nice  lacy edges now (memo to self: grow more comfrey).

Whew! that drive was so tiring and this sunshine is so nice. I’ll just close my eyes and……zzzzzzz.

Before I left this morning, I emptied a tray of worm castings and worms from the worm farm in the run and covered it with mulch. I just looked out the window and there’s some serious scratching happening in that spot. It looks like, ‘goodnight worms’.

I haven’t seen them on the perches in the coop or climbing up the ramp to the nest boxes and night roosting spot yet. Looks like they might spend their first night downstairs.

I don’t expect to spend much of my first night as a chook mother asleep either. I don’t trust those foxes.


6 Responses to “Today was C-Day”

  1. simply.belinda Says:

    Congratulations, they are nice looking birds and your run looks tremendous.

    Best wishes new chick-ma


  2. The F. Relic Says:

    Hello Mother-Hen! Your new chicky babes look…well…I can’t exactly see them very well through the wire, so I went to Country Chooks to see some photos. Looks like they’ll grow to be beautiful birds. I’m glad you got something different by way of breed, everyone these days seem to go for Isa Browns (ho-hum!)

    Good luck and I’m sure you’ll have plenty of enjoyment out of them.


  3. Frogdancer Says:

    Not that there’s anything wrond with Isa Browns (!)

    Glad you’ve finally got them home and settled.


  4. foodnstuff Says:

    Thanks for all the comments, everyone. They’re settling in well by the look of it (so am I). I’ll post some better photos soon.


  5. Chris Says:

    Gee, I thought I wrote a congratulations comment on getting the coop finished? It must’ve got sucked into cyber space, LOL.

    The girls look happy and well done on your coop construction. Bet you feel better that it’s all done now. 🙂


    • foodnstuff Says:

      Hello Chris, sorry if your comment went missing. It might have been accidently recorded as spam by my blog host, and since I get so many, I don’t go through them, just hit the delete button every so often and wipe them all.


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