Permaculture talk

Last Saturday I gave my permaculture talk to the Mornington Community Garden group. Their website is here.

I was just so impressed with what they’d achieved on what was a former croquet lawn. Such a productive area and so much more useful to the community than whacking a ball through hoops with a mallet.

There are polyhouses full of seedlings growing on, plants for sale (very cheap too), a tea room, outdoor eating area and large built-up veggie beds. Compost bins, nutrient tea on tap in large bins and to my delight as a new chook owner, Cluckingham Palace, housing half a dozen chooks of various breeds, which were free-ranging around the garden (I’ve never seen anything so funny as a couple of stumpy-legged Pekin bantams with their little feathery skirts, in full flight).

Here are a few photos of the garden beds (true to form, I forgot my camera and these were emailed to me by one of the members):

I scored some plants—a buddleia, to attract butterflies, a variegated plectranthus (don’t know what that’ll be good for in a permaculture sense, but it has pretty foliage), a bay tree and a strawberry. I’ll certainly be going back to get more plants.

I think they enjoyed the talk; at any rate they want me to come back and do it again. One woman asked when I’m going to be teaching the full 72 hour permaculture design course. She’s keen to do it!  (oh, my!!).

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