One very surprised duck!

I mentioned in an earlier post that I’d increased the size of the chook run by clearing away a bit of the natural bush behind the secure run, fencing it off with a low fence and covering it with a bird net to stop them flying out.

Here’s what it looks like:

There are wild Pacific Black Ducks that visit regularly. I usually feed them with rolled oats in a dish of water (they’d gag on the dry stuff). They’ve been fascinated by the chooks. The chooks, for their part, gave them an interested first glance, saw that they had funny beaks and funny feet and decided, “nah, they’re not our type”, and now ignore them. The ducks stand outside the fenced run and stare at the chooks. It’s quite funny to watch.

I opened the back door, which looks out over the chook run and looked at the chooks. They were in the secure run looking towards the bird net-covered run.

I turned to see what they were looking at and…..

He wasn’t stuck in the net, just standing there on his big flat feet, looking rather bemused.


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  1. Frogdancer Says:

    How funny!


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