Wonder when it’ll happen here?

The lights are going out all over Britain. Wonder when it’ll start happening here?

Of course in the cash-strapped UK they’re trying to save money, not trying to put less CO2 into the air. Not trying to do anything realistic about climate change. Oh, no!

It’s always amazes me that while we (well, most intelligent people), acknowledge climate change and the future problems it’ll cause, plus the fact that it’s almost certainly down to human activities, we just don’t seem able to do the hard yards and ban all unnecessary use of electricity & oil.

Remember the days when we didn’t have night sporting matches with all those blazing lights? Or when the shops closed at 5.30 pm and weren’t lit up all night? When TV and radio stations shut down at midnight? When we didn’t have huge plasma TV’s, dishwashers & dryers, petrol-driven lawnmowers, leaf blowers and line trimmers?

Is it any wonder CO2 levels from burning fossil fuels are increasing?

Turning out a few street lights isn’t going to help. It’s about as useless as putting low-energy light globes in your house. But it makes us feel good and while we’re doing the useless little things, we don’t have to think about doing the big things that will really matter.

If climate change causes the extinction of Homo sapiens (Wise Man?…..you’ve gotta be kidding!), then it’s probably no more than we deserve.


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