Good one, girls!

I discovered that the girls love azolla, the floating water fern. I have a bath growing azolla at the back of the polyhouse and next to the chook run. I want to move the bath down the back (reason in another post), so I started cleaning it out and threw a handful of azolla and duckweed to the girls. They promptly dived on it and devoured it.

So that’s good, another food item I can provide for them. I realised I was going to have to reinstate a handy supply next to their run so I didn’t have to be always walking down the back to get it (permaculture energy-saving in practice).

I put a plastic tub next to their playground and went to get the hose to fill it up. They were quite interested in this new development  and hung around watching the water trickle in:

I put in a few handfuls of azolla/duckweed growth and congratulated myself that I’d only have to scoop it off and push it through the wire for them.

Oh, no, you don’t have to do that. We can get it for ourselves:

Clever girls!

8 Responses to “Good one, girls!”

  1. Meeka Says:

    Haha! If only my Silkies were as smart as your hens! Love the tub, great idea!


  2. Emma Cooper (@emmathegardener) Says:

    Awesome 🙂


  3. Frogdancer Says:

    I enjoyed this! (Clearly need some azolla!)


  4. The F. Relic Says:

    I think you knew all along that they’d help themselves (as long as you keep the water levels up to the height of their necks) and were just being modest and giving them the credit for brains!! 🙂


    • foodnstuff Says:

      No way was I giving them credit for brains! They’d never shown any desire to put their heads through the wire so I was amazed when they actually did it!

      They get credit for brains now, though!


  5. Linda Woodrow Says:

    My chooks love azolla too, and duckweed (though what I call duckweed is a different plant? – Lemnaceae family). I harvest azolla from a neighbour’s dam and give them lots. It has little insects and crustaceans in it as well that the very eagerly hunt for, and that I think are probably good calcium sources for egg shells. Azolla is also a fantastic source of nitrogen for compost and sheet compost, so what they leave just turns into fertilizer. Pity chooks can’t swim!


  6. The F. Relic Says:

    Has anyone tested whether chooks can swim? Try them out and see – it may be found that, like foodnstuff’s girls, they have been under-rated!! 🙂


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