New whizz-bang kitchen gadget

Some time ago my neighbour bought a new kitchen gadget. She told me it’s name, which I promptly forgot, and from time to time brought me tidbits of food she’d made with it, all the while raving about what it could do.

I wasn’t particularly interested until the day she brought me a tub of home-made butter, then I promptly sat up and took notice. This was butter as it used to be many moons ago. Light and fluffy and tasting like I’d forgotten butter used to taste.

So I went and had a look at this machine. It’s called a Thermomix.

While I was there she tossed off a batch of pastry and gave me some to take home and try. When I mentioned that I made my own bread, she whipped a bag of bread wheat out of the cupboard. “How much flour do you use?” 500 gm.  She weighed it out (the machine weighs, too) and flipped a switch. There was a crashing, grinding sound and 30 seconds later she tipped out a batch of wholemeal flour. I made 2 loaves, using 50/50 wholemeal and my usual flour and we declared it excellent.

I’ve always wanted to grind my own wheat and other grains for bread and had been investigating a Champion brand juicer/grinder, but the Thermomix does it all and more besides.

I was definitely interested so my neighbour organised a home demo (Thermomix can only be purchased this way). A friend of mine came and another neighbour. We were treated to a variety of foods, including a strawberry sorbet, hommus and a  pumpkin risotto.

I talked myself into it and have ordered one!

Although it is expensive I feel that I would use it for a huge variety of things. Just being able to grind grain would be great. I would make my own butter and ice cream for a start. Plus mayonnaise, pesto and pasta sauce. Fresh LSA (linseed, sunflower & almond) mix. Pure foods, without all the dubious additives found in supermarket foods.

I have a food processor, but the lid is broken, although it still works. I have only a hand mixer. I don’t have a grain grinder or a juicer. The Thermomix will do it all. I can Freecycle the food processor so won’t have to put it out in the rubbish.


I wrote this post a while ago and saved it as a draft. I’ve just fished it out of the drafts folder to complete, because my new whizz-bang Thermomix arrived last Saturday.

I am rapt. I made pumpkin soup. It chopped up the vegetables and cooked the soup in 20 minutes. I had it that night with the bread I’d baked that morning. It was great. Two extra meals went into the freezer.

I made beetroot salad. I can’t stop snacking on it.

Later this week I’m going to buy a bag of bread wheat, grind it and make some wholemeal rolls. Then I’ll try home-made butter & ice cream.

Don’t expect to see me on Master Chef, but hey!…you never know.

5 Responses to “New whizz-bang kitchen gadget”

  1. The F. Relic Says:

    Wow – Masterchef Supremo I’d say. Can I come for tea please? (And lunch and brekky too!!) 🙂 Sounds great Foodnstuff, but I know what you paid for it so I hope it proves its worth over time.


  2. Frogdancer Says:

    How can it chop the vegetables AND cook the soup? If it does the vacuuming as well then I’m buying one!


  3. ThermomixBlogger Helene Says:

    Great to see you blogging about Thermomix. One of the beauties of the Thermomix… for those who do occasionally vacuum, is that it will cook the meal for us leaving us free to vacuum if we so choose. You are ‘rapt’ today but look out — it gets even better! The more you play with it, the more you will discover is possible with this ‘super kitchen machine’. Cheers from Canada 😉


    • maidenfarmer Says:

      i don’t get excited about kitchen gadgets any more . Stand alone solar power. Now that forces you to reevaluate real kitchen skills and make do the old fashioned way…..


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