Thermomix bread rolls

I finally picked up two 5 kilo bags of bread wheat yesterday:

I wanted to try the bread rolls recipe in the Thermomix:

100 gm whole wheat grain
300 gm lukewarm water
1 sachet dry yeast
1 tsp salt
400 gm baker’s flour
20 gm olive oil

I weighed in the 100 gm of wheat and ground it, then added the rest of the ingredients. Interestingly, the amounts are identical to the bread I normally bake (no improver in the Thermomix recipe, though), except that the Thermomix uses only half the water.

After mixing the ingredients in my normal loaf, I leave the mixture to double in size and then knead by hand until the dough is firm. Takes a while and I end up with a bench covered in flour and a pair of messy hands.

The Thermomix mixes the ingredients in 5 seconds and then kneads for 1 minute and 30 seconds. No time to even go to the loo! No messy hands, no messy bench.

The dough is beautifully mixed and smooth and surprisingly, not sticky.

I allowed it to double in size, rolled it into a sausage and cut it into 12 pieces. Rolled them into balls and put them on a tray.

Now here’s the interesting bit. You put them straight into a cold oven and turn it on. No preheating! 25 minutes later, they’re done. So easy!

The flavour is OK, but a bit bland compared to my normal recipe in which I add all sorts of grains, milk powder and LSA mix, so next time I’ll try that and I’ll also try a full loaf instead of rolls.

On the whole very happy with the result.


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