Beautiful stuff

I like this guy’s writing. This is beautiful stuff.  In a nutshell…..what is wrong with industrial civilisation.

I note that he starts with a quote from Derrick Jensen. I have most of Jensen’s books and a CD of talks given by him. While I can re-read books by other authors many times, I find re-reading Jensen’s work difficult. That’s because in his criticism of industrial civilisation, he brings it home how damaging is this system we all live in and contribute to.  Anger, frustration and tears of despair is how I ended up after finishing Endgame, his huge 2-volume work.

I wrote to Jensen and said I would do everything I could to bring down industrial civilisation. He wrote back and thanked me. Then I thought, how on earth do I bring down a system that is so damaging to the planet’s life-support systems and one that almost everyone around me subscribes to? Without even knowing that’s what they’re doing? Then I thought, it will bring itself down eventually and I felt better.

Millions of life forms will die in humanity’s mad scramble to survive its own destructiveness. It’s more than likely Homo sapiens will be one of them.

I can handle that.

2 Responses to “Beautiful stuff”

  1. Frogdancer Says:

    I can’t handle that! I’ve got the kids!!!


    • foodnstuff Says:

      It will get worse, but with any luck it will be a slow collapse and you and the boys will be well out of the way before it gets too bad. Hoping, anyway


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