When I’m home I usually know when one of the Girls is on the nest. As soon as she leaves, I go and grab the egg. This particular day I was out most of the day. I came home and checked the nest:

A real ‘aw…gee’ moment!

And here they are. My best picture of them so far. They love sitting on their pile of logs. Cheeky on the left (small comb & wattles), Lady in the middle (medium comb & wattles), Molly on the right (large comb & wattles):

Cheeky has become the boss chook. She will gently nudge the others away from the food containers with a tap on their head. If I’m working inside the run or doing something to the coop, she’s always right up front checking out what I’m up to. If I’m putting a treat into their food bowl, she’s grabbing at it while I’m still trying to scrape it in.

She turns egg laying into an Academy Award performance. She’ll sit on the nest for an hour, then get up and leave. I’ll go in and…no egg! Ten minutes later, she’ll be back in there. The grunts and groans would shame a female tennis pro. “Push, Cheeky!”, I’ll yell. “Push!”.

Even without the bonus of eggs and fertiliser, chooks are laugh-a-minute.

Okay, some non-chook stuff.

This is amaranth:

It self-seeds everywhere now. It can get to 2 meters tall, with huge, terminal purple flower spikes. There’s a flower spike just forming on the plant at left. I use the tender tip leaves in salads and stir fries and collect the tiny black seeds. I never have enough to grind into flour, but put them into bread as is. I buy amaranth flour to add to my bread. It has a nutty flavour. I use 1 part amaranth flour to 4 parts wheat flour.

This came up where I’d put the compost from the worm farm:

It looked for all the world like a zucchini, but I didn’t see how it could be, as they get picked and eaten well before the seeds are mature. Finally it flowered and down under all the leaves I found this:

It’s a pumpkin! It looks like one I grew a couple of years ago, called Violina (shaped like a violin).

Not only that, but another plant appeared next to it:

Another pumpkin, a different sort. Gardens never cease to surprise!

8 Responses to “Aw…gee!”

  1. Phoebe Says:

    Your girls are gorgeous! I agree, chickens are a wonderful addition to a garden!
    The self sown pumpkin and mystery look great. I often find that self sown plants from the compost grow a lot better than deliberately sown.


    • foodnstuff Says:

      They are aren’t they! But then I’m biased. 😉

      I agree about the self-sown plants. I once had the most amazing batch of tomatoes from the spot where I put the stuff from the composting toilet.


  2. Veggiegobbler Says:

    They are nice looking chooks.
    II have something that’s self seeded too and it looks like zucchini or pumpkin. But there are no flowers so I’m not sure it’ll produce anything for me unfortunately.


    • foodnstuff Says:

      It probably will; give it time (and plenty of water). Pumpkins seem to take a while to start producing flowers. It’s like they want to put out masses of growth first to support the enormous fruit they’re going to have.


  3. Frogdancer Says:

    My amaranth seeds didn’t come up.
    Next year I’m just going to throw them on the ground willy-nilly and I’m sure to get a huge crop!


  4. L from 500m2 in Sydney Says:

    Those chooks are gorgeous! I’m jealous of your eggs – my girls are almost to point of lay – I’m so impatient.


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