Nicole Foss visiting Oz

Those of you who (like me)  are trying to achieve self-sufficiency because of the approaching food production problems associated with energy decline (aka peak oil), will have probably heard of Nicole Foss, who writes under the name Stoneleigh at The Automatic Earth blog.

She’s coming to Australia to give her well-known series of talks on peak oil and the financial crisis, “A Century of Challenges”. I’d love to hear her, although I’ve watched videos and listened to her so many times I just about know it all off by heart.

I’ve copied the following info from the Running on Empty OZ discussion group where it was posted today:

A decades-long credit expansion based on a credit bubble grounded in “Ponzi dynamics,” is ending. As a consequence, we are in the grip of a serious deflationary financial crisis. The challenges of peak oil among other energy shortages occurring at the same time as climate change, population growth, food insecurity and political unrest are forming a “perfect storm” and lead many to think that the world they are familiar with is on the  verge of disappearing, with no proposals that will help to develop strategies to secure their future.

Nicole Foss is a polymath who ties together observations of economics, society and the environment so we can better understand our present financial predicament. She is academically well qualified, with a degree in biology, neuroscience and psychology and a later degree in international law. Nicole is co-editor of The Automatic Earth, writing under the name Stoneleigh.

Nicole’s formidable powers of analysis gives us the background we need to make plans at an individual, business and community level to deal with the period of transition we are now entering, where the old policies being promoted by our leaders are no longer working and we need to re-vision our future.

Nicole is visiting Australia from her home in Canada and is a very clear speaker. You may be interested in checking the following links if you have not come across her:

about 10 minutes duration, and

a much longer audio talk.

I can’t recommend the second link highly enough. I’ve downloaded it and saved it to my PC. Unfortunately it’s not a video, so you don’t see the slides she’s talking about, but worth a listen all the same.


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